Posted by: atowhee | April 2, 2021


A pair of Chipping Sparrows were at our sunflower seeds on the ground this morning, first for the year and first in our garden so far…they were soon gone as this is NOT their habitat, they probably dropped in after a night of flying northward. Another White-crowned was here, another lost soul, and a Fox Sparrow seen yesterday, first here since late September…another clear calm night ahead so may get some new guests tomorrow.

Yesterday there was a single Greater Yellowlegs at Fairview Wetlands. In dozens of visits starting last fall this was a first sighting. Suspect the bird may have been on migration as well. He left the marsh and flew east even before I left. He is i this picture, washing…to the left of the two Killdeer who will likely nest somewhere near there. Lots of empty parking lots to choose from, and flat roofs.

Some of the hundreds of Cacklers around Fairview, about 5% of them had some visible white necklace:

He just looks like he’s one-legged.

Three of the raised nesting baskets were in use by Canada Geese, as intended:

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