Posted by: atowhee | March 29, 2021


I know I am not the only birder who admires the many members of the corvid family. One fellow corvidophile is Dick Ashford, of Ashland, raptor expert and bird man extraordinaire. Here is email he sent after I posted my own corvid summary.

“Your corvid post reminded me of one of my favorite Corvid encounters in Switzerland a few years ago  – an Alpine Chough luncheon guest at the Wildstrubel Restaurant, at the top of the Gemmi Wall in the Berner Oberland. That’s the town of Leukerbad down below.”

Then Dick added more details: “…this one came with a view . I think we were at approx 3000 meters, so it was truly living up to its alpine name. Added tidbit: while we were eating lunch, two (lifer) Lammergeiers soared low over the dining terrace, AND, we actually watched one dropping bones on the rocks…”

Both birds Dick mentions, I have never seen. Though we spent four years in Europe, we never did get into the higher mountains–neither the Alps or the Pyrenes.

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