Posted by: atowhee | March 27, 2021


As birding almost anywhere in Oregon will confirm, the Bald Eagle is thriving in the western U.S. Thank you, Rachel Carson. Next year is the 60th anniversary of her Silent Spring which first nudged many Americans into facing the dangers of man-made toxins in the environment.

And now bee-lovers are trying to keep the buzz in spring–endangered status for the bumblebee?

Can feral pigs be the four-footed version of domestic, natural terrorists?

OH NO! Bad news for all creatures west of the Sierra and Cascades–the kelp forests along the coast are dying!

There are scientists who say the desert CAN bloom, and provide food. Is this a good thing? Does it simply encourage further over-population?

E. O. Wilson in his book Half-Earth calls for setting aside half the planet to help preserve other life forms and the biodiversity that makes out own lives possible. He then speculates that robotics and artificial intelligence could lead to a much ore efficient planet, even if controlled by our species..

But technology alone will not save us if our ethical choices do not improve. We know how often corporations or nations and their shills will lie to cover up dangerous behavior–pollution, radiation, habitat destruction. Here’s one man’s take on how capitalism’s focus on profit leads toward destruction of the biosphere and us with it.

I CUDDA TOLD ‘EM THAT… here’s a decade-old, pre-pandemic study that found bird diversity made PEOPLE happier, not to mention what it did for Sparrowhawks and Merlin.


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