Posted by: atowhee | March 18, 2021


Currently our species is hell-bent on destroying anything that your great-grandparents would have recognized as life on earth. Not only is climate change now endangering entire ecosystems and all the living things therein, virus to mega-fauna. No, we have carelessly launched a suicidal process of plasticizing the entire planet and destroying any chance for our species to survive. Not to fantasize about the sorts of conspiracies Putin promulgates through his minions, but to look at the science of sperm eradication in our species, is, well…to look into a future where the languages will be spoken by dolphin (with any luck), ravens and parrots. The babble of the Tower of same…will have been silenced. This is being done by us to us, no extraterrestrials required.

Long an advocate of a clean planet Erin Brokovich (yes, the real one, not the movie character) has written a stunning summary of where we are in curtailing human reproduction. Sure, there are too many of us now, but are there enough viable frozen sperm to keep the species going after all living males are sterile? This is all up to us, the cockroaches and earthworms shall not intervene on our behalf. Nature is indifferent. With a heedless shrug, Ma Natura will mutter, “You are not inevitable, nor necessary.”

Can we  overcome our plastic addiction and the force of convenience marketing and corporate plasticaters’ profits? Do not expect plastic makers to care, now or later. Profit rules. For half a century the petroleum people have had research results showing how burning their products produced chemicals dangerous to human life. So what? Show me the money! People love their cars! Somebody else’s problem!

There has been a modern surge of in vitro fertilization. Not long ago it accounted for only 2% of U.S, births. Could it become required, then impossible. Here is explanation of the process.

This threat to our species’ tomorrow has been brought to the fore by a woman who has been researching this sperm die-off for a quarter century. Click here for a webinar on the subject. Put down that plastic cup. Can we return to wearing cotton and wool and drinking out of glass containers?

A food friend from my college years just wrote back a one word response: “Yikes”.

I replied thus: “yeah, we’re pretty self-destructive, we hominids…sadly I have concluded that the nation-state is our worst invention…it promotes borders, competition and wars…what we need now is planetary co-operation and I don’t see how that happens until the current global economy collapses and then if we can’t reproduce, even the small colonies in Greenland and Tierra del Fuego will have no chance…
when I look at major world leaders I can only grimace and go birding–Xi, Putin, Modi, Bolsinaro, Saudis, Egypt, Boris in Britain, …there are a free reasonable folks but they don’t dominate and have little influence on the major destroyers: petro-chemical and drug companies…I used to think our drugs in the rivers neutering fish was a serious problem,  it’s barely a Saturday Night Live skit these days…”

Another friend responded to this by reminding me of Pogo’s wisdom, as translated by cartoonist Walt Kelly: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”
Kelly coined the phrase for an anti-pollution Earth Day poster in 1970 and used it again in his comic strip on Earth Day 1971.

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