Posted by: atowhee | March 8, 2021


At 730 this morning there was a crow event near our home. To the east of our garden, up to 40 crows came and went from a small stand of 80-foot conifers. There would be sporadic crescendos of angry caws, which then dwindled to silence for a few seconds, only to turn to yet another outburst. I could not discern the cause, the target, the corvid logic. There were occasional flurries of flight. Some swooping sorties toward the tallest of the trees where crows perched at the peak. Several crows would circle, one or two might leave, passing others coming to join the goings-on. Vocal complaints came both from perched and flying birds. I supposed it was a mob scene, not a conference to plan the day’s agenda in Crowdom. After fifteen minutes the crowd began to disperse. Silence.
Nearly seven hours later a smaller conflab with cawing repeated the morning’s actions. Was this perhaps related to the unusual streaks of white-wash I found in our driveway this morning. Owlish intruder? In the afternoon I got close to the trees and looked from all possible angles. I could see nothing but the obvious crows…if I could just hover about sixty feet up and get closer…

One of our magnolias is now beginning to bloom and one camellia is turning pink.

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