Posted by: atowhee | March 5, 2021


The top two pics…nesting Anna’s and landing TV–at Talking Waters this week.
The three Great Horned Owl shots and the juvie eagle attacking a tolerant adult–those are from Klamath Basin by Marty Karlin. He reports seeing such teenage hostility a number of times, but never an adult bullying the young eagle.
The Northern Shrike was near Howard Prairie, east of Ashland. The rest of that gallery by Kirk Gooding was from Klamath Basin, including the Sharpie on the fence. Dozens of night-herons were in that day-time roost.
The seaside shots came from Newport area, courtesy Albert Ryckman. The beach sausages are all harbor seals studying for finals. The beaky brown guys are all Marbled Godwits. Surely you can name those ducks.
Finally, Mike Lund reports from North Carolina he’s still seeing his leucistic Northern Cardinal but it’s playing hard to photograph, so an older image,


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