Posted by: atowhee | March 3, 2021


The Lindsay Museum in Walnut Creek has invited me to talk to their donors about Great Gray Owls. When our GGO books was published a few years back Lindsay had the only captive GGO in California. She was Shadow, a permanently crippled rescue from Minnesota, and a brilliant education ambassador. I got to visit with Shadow twice before she died of old age infirmities late in 2020. This talk is dedicated to her beauty and her memory, indelible to all who ever saw her.

March 18th is almost exactly three years from the last time I saw Shadow when I spoke at her home in Walnut Creek. Click here for images from that visit.
Here are the first pictures I got of Shadow, back when I was researching the book, still the closest I have ever been to a living GGO.

This will be a Zoom talk at 6pm Pacific Coast Time. For non-members the donation is $15. Lindsay is a wildlife rescue and nature education center in largely suburban Cintra Costa County where conservation and wildlife could not be more precious.

Click here for registration details.

A few shots of our subject for March 18 aa a preview of Great Gray Owl Day:

These last images are from Larry Huber who helped a widowed female raise her four young. He is the first featherless foster father I have met in the Great Gray Owl population. Huber lives near La Grande which is one center of GGO breeding range in eastern Oregon. The male of the pair was killed by a Great Horned Owl, so Buber stepped in and provided live trapped rodents for the family, thus he became accepted and awaited, perhaps appreciated.


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  2. Photo was by Alan Murphy

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