Posted by: atowhee | February 4, 2021


The dog and I made it to Fairview Wetlands today for the first time this month, and we added two new species that we had not previously seen there. One Townsend’s Warbler, and one kingfisher. Ten minutes later the kingfisher was speeding south toward the larger lakes on Turner Road. I can’t imagine he could find any fish to catch in Fairview’s seasonal pools. Even the small streams that flow into Fairview are dry in late summer and so are unlikely to harbor a fishy population. The warbler was more at home, foraging through the long needles of the ponderosas on the marsh’s southwest edge.

In our garden today the Bewick’s Wren couple were feeding in the rose bushes together. Perky tail on each pointing to the sky. It seems the juncos now out-number the siskins, about forty to thirty, I’d estimate. There were at least eight individual Lesser Goldfinches feeding here today as well.

Red-wing and kingfisher in tree across the marsh:

Almost anywhere in this country you can find gooseberry jam. But few places could ever serve up goose jam(s) like we have here in Salem:

One of the many Song Sparrows along the edge of the water:

Today’s Fairview warblers, one each of two flavors:

One of the two wrens in a rose bush, before sunrise:

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