Posted by: atowhee | January 21, 2021


That was the first question I asked the two Yellow-rumped Warblers at our suet block this morning. They both ignored me and kept on pecking bits of suet with seeds. Sometimes these busy bodies can be so…self-centered. If they weren’t they might die of heat loss on one of these cold nights, so I shall practice tolerance. Today was my first yellow-rump sighting here–species #54 for our little garden. Both of today’s birds were Myrtle Warblers, white throated. Our locally breeding Audubon’s head south generally. These guys come down from much colder climes and find our Willamette winters salubrious.

I think I heard this guy mutter, with a slight Canadian accent, “It suets me fine.”
Another pleasant fund today–trio of Western Bluebirds in the open space west of the Kaiser Permanente campus at intersection of Skyline and Kuebler. Good to see them, a species too uncommon here in the flat grasslands of the Willamette–I blame destruction of oaks, land use and chemicals for our, otherwise bizarre, dearth of these bug-catchers. Also, I rarely see nest boxes for them, though there are some at Champoeg State Park.


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