Posted by: atowhee | January 19, 2021


The U.S. will rejoin the Paris Accords, once again officially recognizing the science of climate change. Don’t be Biden your time until you hear any new Cabinet member call for more coal, more CO2. This may be the political cycle when the electric vehicle finally gets boosted into dominance. The Biden energy plans call for more electric cars, more broadband (which could mean even less commuting than we have now), tighter emission controls, clean mass transit.

Biden intends to push the US toward 100% renewable energy. This is an updated version of the rural electrification program or the interstate highway program of a century gone by. HIs biggest hurdle–keeping the Republicans in the Senate from blocking everything he is trying to get done. Biden is NOT promising more tax cuts for the 1% so the elephants may leave the room angry, to try to stomp on all reform. They certainly warn of death and destruction…as Hebert Hoover left office he warned that FDR would destroy American cities and grass would be growing up in the streets.

Today it became clear that the Keystone Pipeline will be stopped.

It is also likely many anti-wildlife orders from departing destroyers will, in turn, get over-turned. Along with all those proposed drilling leases inside national parks and wildlife refuges,

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