Posted by: atowhee | January 14, 2021


One of the six scrub-jays that dominate our garden is a “pied blue-tail.” The bird is a mildly leucistic jay with junco-like tail stripes of pure white. When I first noticed the bird last fall it was probably immature and was often driven off by more self-assured jays in the gang. Now blue-tail comes quickly when there are peanuts and positions his/herself on the fringe of the peanut cluster, safer. Today’s pick and run:

Even though the Coop was seen by me this afternoon, in the morning the small birds seemed to feel safe:

At Clark Creek Park the sun was out, a bit of faux spring:

The fuzzy guy was an adult Bald Eagle. The many-trunked hazelnut is a passel of tassel. Some heedless person laid this sidewalk over a natural seep spring. Many years and many inches of rain later nature has won. Water was gushing out of a crack in the middle of the sidewalk and the little stream flowed rapidly along the pavement toward the creek.

Two very different stories from Buteo-land this week. There was a take-off, and what could be called a crash landing. The take off was at a private marsh south of the airport–taken from roadside. The other scene came from Fairview which may explain why I have seen no red-tail there since Monday.


I really enjoyed studying the sequence of Canada Geese landing, their legs extended (landing gear superb), how they shape their wings to slow the fall, then finally splashdown!

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