Posted by: atowhee | January 10, 2021


Here are great images from Kirk Gooding of Rough-legged Hawk in Lower Klamath NWR–check out those pantaloons:

After posting these shots I got this “calm down” message from my raptorial guru, Dick Ashford, in Ashland:
“Wonderful images, but hawk geeks will be quick to point out that pantaloons do not a roughie make.😀 In fact, RTHA’s often show pantaloons AND, the roughie’s feathering on its tibiatarsus is indeed smooth, as one can see in Kirk’s images.
So there.😁😁

Other photos from Klamath, by Kirk:

That last image appears to be a House Finch? Not right coloring for siskin and too plump, but then it was very cold outside…

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