Posted by: atowhee | January 9, 2021


Red-shouldered Hawks, photographed by our correspondent in southern Virginia. There has been speculation that the disjunct RSH populations will eventually be split into two species–western and eastern in range. The are not found in Colorado or its neighbors.

Here is a gallery of recent shots from Albany’s Talking Waters:

The little tykes are Lincoln’s Sparrow, R-C Kinglet, Bewick’s Wren action shots. Wait a minute, look closely. The one shot is a Bewick’s with plain back and wings. These are all of the elusive Marsh Wren, see that almost subtle zebra-stripping on wing and back? And coloring on the side of the breat, not the Bewick’s dull gray. Marshers have that! Nice shots, Albert.
Did you know that mama shoveler would have a freckled beak?

Then Albert sent me this image of an immature Red-tail with his soft juvie feathers tattered (try to ignore that passing blackbird):

Time for a molt. Those tail feathers should begin to be replaced in March/April.

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