Posted by: atowhee | January 4, 2021


So all those pollyanna comments that we can stop this thing? They rank right up there with covid is just a flu, or a hoax. That last hilltop we zipped past may have been the infamous tipping point for global warming. Future highs will only get higher, hotter, worser and worser. These are the Good Old Days.

Wait, there’s hope. We could stave off 2 degree Celsius temp rise average…if we get to zero carbon soon. That’s coming from Polly somebody or other.

This on a planet where many countries could not stand to shut down economies for several months to stop covid? Now we expect charcoal burning in the African poverty belt, cutting of rainforests for profitable ag products, China’s coal plants, Americans’ SUVs and its trucking industry that delivers Amazon orders, fracking and oil drilling, bar-b-ques in suburbia, cruddy smoke from ocean freighters, forest fires and drought, airplanes burning fossil fuels…we expect all that to get to zero carbon…like how soon? Covid–it seems to me–has been a test case for how our species and our nations react to existential threat. With an over-populated planet and billions of lives in play, we can afford years of a D-minus grade on dealing with a disease that kills a small percentage of its victims. With global warming, the stakes are far higher, and could be terminal.

Here’s Bill McKibben’s site which says we are already past safe level of atmospheric CO2.

People are neither inevitable, nor necessary. Just ask your local coyote or possum.

If you want to keep trying, here’s link to EDF’s climate section where they outline what can and should be done, and how.

Greta (just shuffle the letters for “great”) just turned eighteen and she’s not done yet.

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