Posted by: atowhee | January 1, 2021


I had juncos at dawn (720am). First bird sound of the  new year came from local crows making loud statements up in the trees. I suspect they were angered over their disturbed sleep due to fireworks.  Our crows are notoriously sober so I don’t think they were hung over from New Year’s Eve partying.   Before 8AM I had added our lurking Cooper’s Hawk, both goldfinches and siskins…later the scrub-jays appeared after a good sleep-in.  Today most siskins were up in the canopy of our large gum tree working on its prickly globes full of seeds.

Two shots of Lesser Goldfinches, which I see irregularly in our garden:

On a rainy day the blackbirds are smart enough to shelter under cars in one of the birds’ favorite parking lots. Here, some recent Salem bird shots:

That small gull is a Mew in Gateway Park.

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