Posted by: atowhee | December 29, 2020


I just heard from a friend in Ashland that siskins are dying there of salmonella. I am feeding mine at varying spots on ground or pavement now, giving up on feeders that are so hard to keep clean may be better for the siskins’ sake.

Siskins will fight over feeder or feeding positions. When they do, often, both wings and tail are fanned open. On adult birds you then see the bright yellow patches. I just saw one chase a second into a dense evergreen bush and then keep chasing the victim through the foliage. At the bird baths they seem to share pleasantly.

This photo was taken recently at Ridgefield NWR. That is north of Portland, east of Sauvie Island, inside Washington State. I saw an adult eagles at Minto-Brown on Monday. It was perched near a nest about a half mile east of the dog run parking lot. The pairs are getting ready for nesting. Pick the house, then remodel. Photographer was Elizabeth Linser.

Here is my Minto-Brown percher:

Cormorants roosting in tree on west side if Stine Quarry Lake, Salem.

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