Posted by: atowhee | December 26, 2020


Our state has lost a run of fine authors recently. Brian Doyle, Ursula LeGuin, now Barry Lopez. All three were alert to the challenges and wonders of the natural world we inhabit, and threaten.
Lopez has died of cancer at age 75.

He was interviewed by Oregon Public Radio when his last book was published, Horizons. You can click here to listen to that interview.

After I’d finished reading Horizons last summer, I posted this blog (click on this link). One aspect of his world travels that most impressed me was the time he deliberately spent in Arctic and Antarctic…our most distant horizons. Some environmentalists were harshly critical of Lopez’s willingness to jet about the planet. I would say his writing was his work and much of it can sati8sfy the rest of us that we have visited in absentia and needn’t make such a trip ourselves, even if we could,

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