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This is a list of pertinent links I found while researching a power point summary of what we are learning about climate change and how birds are responding. I will be presenting this summary via Zoom tonight for the supporters of the Klamath Bird Observatory.

A quote from Helen Macdonald’s Vesper Flights where she quotes climate scientist, Nathalie Cabrol  “She points out that the Earth itself is in no danger whatsoever. ‘It will survive whatever we throw at it.  What is in danger is the environment that made us possible.  We are pretty much cutting the branch we are sitting on’.” 

My own summary: Our species is neither inevitable nor necessary.     If we cannot admit that we may not survive what we have done and are doing to this planet.  Long live the trilobite!

Here is link to Salem Audubon’s youtube video of my presentation on this topic in November, 2020.

2019 State of the Birds:                  Committee that produces State of the Birds:

Algae bloom killing sea life off Siberia:

Amazon destruction:

Amazon to become savannah:

Arctic bird migration:

Arctic changing rapidly:

Arctic hotter and greener:

Bird population declines in North America:

Coral reef gloom in Florida:

Ice sheet goes:

Kelp forests and climate change:

Nathalie Cabrol:

Oregon birds threatened by climate change:

Oregon plants endangered by climate change:

Solar now cheapest energy there is:

Sea level rise hurts Florida real estate prices:

Sept. record  heat:

Tree sustainability:

Tricolored Blackbird decline:

Tricolored Blackbird in Oregon:

Unihabitable hell:

Wildfires made worse:

WiLdlfire smoke as health hazard:
Imagine if your lungs were the size of a dime, or smaller.

Wildfire smoke and birds:

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