Posted by: atowhee | December 17, 2020


Heraclitus said that. But he is not the only one to notice.

“Green leaves of summer turn red in the fall
To brown and to yellow they fade.
And then they have to die, trapped within
The circle time parade of changes…

“The world’s spinning madly, it drifts in the dark
Swings through a hollow of haze,
A race around the stars, a journey through
The universe ablaze with changes.

“Moments of magic will glow in the night
All fears of the forest are gone
But when the morning breaks they’re swept away by
Golden drops of dawn, of changes….” –Phil Ochs

Click to here for information on how trees and the changing climate are NOT pursuing stability or sustainability.

Canada Geese are not Canadian geese…here is summary of how they have succeeded in modern North America and thus flap wings in applause over all our golf courses.

Portland, OR, Audubon Society on learning to live with your busy neighbors, thousands of urban crows in that city.

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