Posted by: atowhee | December 9, 2020


First, scientists think they have discovered a new species…of whale! Off the Mexican coast. So this must be an animal that has gone through a lot, and survived surreptitiously. Bravo. Whatta you bet the Native Americans knew about this whale, say six hundred years ago?

Then, from Vietnam comes word that shit scares away predators. Now that nation has been through some shit, and certainly knows a bit about predatory behavior, both local and from North America. Here’s the story–bees versus predatory hornets.

I could only hope that shit would scare away predators at banks, along Wall Street, in Congress, White House and Supreme Court, not to mention in numerous think tanks and political lobbying groups. If we coated the door handles, would NRA members flee from gun stores? Would economists stop worshipping economic growth (destroying our planet as collateral damage) if we covered their textbooks with manure?

Here’s thoughtful piece on how covid could give our species an insight into limiting the damage from climate change.

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