Posted by: atowhee | December 1, 2020


The current American President has tried to change a lot. Turn back the clock on powerful white men aggressing against women, with immunity and bragging rights. Pretend pandemic and climate change are not real. Both are deadly. Revive coal mining. Desecrate national lands in favor of oil drilling and fracking. Let companies kill birds when and how they please.

He would like to see the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge punctured with oil rigs. May not happen because greed sees further than hubris and ignorance. Agent Orange cannot imagine a world different from 1959, but banks can. They know the days are numbered for fossil fuel polluters and won’t underwrite more drilling. Do you think our President even understands what an electric car is?

Sometimes capitalism is more realistic than either economists or politicians. I hereby predict a time when homes below 20 feet above sea level in old times (or pick your altitude) will no longer be insurable because they will be below high tide. Some entire regions may become uninhabitable because businesses won’t pay for the year-round air conditioning…unless we start living like moles. Twenty feet below Phoenix, you can attend movies…

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