Posted by: atowhee | November 24, 2020


Our species cannot go on if we do not learn to weigh consequences…all of them. It is NOT all about us, it is about life on this planet.

Here is recent press release on a study indiczating ozone pollution could have killed large number sof birdas if we had not acted to control ozone levels in the atmospher.

Ozone pollution and bird abundances

A study finds that air pollution, particularly ozone pollution, is associated with continental declines in birds and that regulations to limit ozone precursors resulted in air quality improvements that likely averted the loss of around 1.5 billion birds over the past four decades, suggesting that regulations developed to protect human health can have significant conservation benefits.
Article #20-13568: “Conservation cobenefits from air pollution regulation: Evidence from birds,” by Yuanning Liang et al.

Here is the link:″

The real test concerning our species’ survival (and many other organisms–can people bring themselves to consider consequences before acting?

Are we  more like Trump or Thoreau?  The answer to that will determine whether we survive or follow the trilobites.

Plastic, climate change, fossil fuels, over-use of antibiotics, over-population, pavement, habitat destruction, tribalism, greed, war–our list of ways to do damage is long–can we get our large organizations from private to public to actually weigh consequences?

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