Posted by: atowhee | November 23, 2020


My wife looked out our front window and asked, “Is that a turkey I see going by?” It was and I grabbed my camera and out to follow them down our street. I had been told that a flock lives here in southeast Salem but in 4.5 months it is the first time we’ve seen them.

Turkeys are not native here. They were imported for the sport of killing them. In manty lowland areas of Oregon and California they have thriven. Our winters are mild compared to their native range so they don’t move around much once established. They are great parents, the adults staying out of the trees until their young can fly.

If you want to view some really thankful turkeys this Thanksgiving season, check out this video of a flock, replete with strutting toms, feeling good in a Toledo, Ohio, city park. Back there the species is native. Video courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning News, click here.

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