Posted by: atowhee | October 22, 2020


Western Grebes, Tule Lake
Are they sharing or tugging?

This is just one of the fine photos Albert Ryckman got on his recent visit to the Tule Lake just across the border in northern California. Here are some more:

That last picture of a mature Golden Eagle in flight shows us the strength and majesty of this bird, justly feared by any animal smaller than a bear or elk. The Clark’s Grebe image shows the eye still in the facial white feathers, this long after breeding season. White Pelicans are beyond words–large, silent, deliberate, they define a certain inland habitat of the western U.S.

Bear facts. Grin and bear it. Bearing up. My good friend, Peter Thiemann, is visiting in the Tahoe area where nature is all around, you’d bear believe it. If you still do Facebook, click here to see Peter’s fine ursine videos.


And click here to see fine new video of a Great Gray Owl hunting a meadow in the Cascades east of Ashland. Video by owl-meister, Lee French. Music by another meister altogether.

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