Posted by: atowhee | October 17, 2020


The dog slept in this morning. So our “morning” walk began at noon, at Fairview Wetlands. The cockleburrs are still above water, but the first migrant waterfowl I’ve seen there have showed up. Green-winged Teal.

Last time I was there so were the Canada Geese, today they were busily passing overhead. None landed.
For the first time there were male red-wings in the catttails. Those are on the west side of the marsh adjacent to the CEP (Church Extension) offices. The males were practicing their territorial behavior, including songs. None of the Song Sparrows were singing but one gave a good scolding.

Far more subtle than a squawking Mallard or singing blackbird, the fungi were putting on a quiet show of ubiquity beneath the surface:

Across the street from Fairview Marsh is the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. Flickers dominated their open space margins. Plus a few plastic ducks and a Great Horned Owl, but that one left me flat:

At home: we got our first siskin visit of the season. None during the fires and smoke. This afternoon I looked up at a flock of about four dozen birds bubbling in the air, slowly the bubbles settled down into the top or our neighbor’s ailing birch tree*. Later they rose as if weightless and resumed their bubbling. Siskins departed, leaving only the few local goldfinches in the birch.

If I were a White House spokesman I’d call this guy a loser or sucker or socialist. Instead I am sorry to see him gone. RIP. Running Isn’t Protective.

*For information on the insect killing Oregon birches (which are introduced species, as is the killer) click on this link.

I am afraid airplanes and global shipping are continuing to spread deadly pathogens of all sizes around the globe. We aren’t the only species with a pandemic.

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