Posted by: atowhee | October 14, 2020


Nature has always been repetitive…sunrises recurring, sunsets, tides in and out, many plants grow leaves and then lose them every year, seasons follow a set routine, so do planets and their moons. Now we have this every month-is-a-record thing going on. Of course, our species gets a lot of credit for setting this one in motion. We may not have invented gravity or H2O, but we sure had a lot to do with gettin’ this monthly record thing propelling us into a hot future. Click here for September’s record report.

Oh, how afraid of the President’s revenge is the pending SCOTUS Justice, Judge Barrett? Well, she says climate change is a policy question. All that science is just like lobbying from Exxon or Big Pharma, right? Justice Barrett I hope your god can hep us cause we ain’t helpin’ ourselves right now.

We all know that ice sheets are becoming extinct along with many animals and plants. But here’s report that one sheet took a research station with it. Canada is just one of many places seeing and feeling climate change up close–islands being engulfed by Pacific Ocean, streets flooding un coastal cities, massive wildfires in US and Brazil and Siberia and Australia and… Hurricanes bigger and more frequent, severe droughts and resulting famines, hotter temps from Phoenix to Australia…
Invest in underground housing and air conditioner companies?

Southeast Salem, OR, Oct. 14:

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