Posted by: atowhee | October 14, 2020


This open space in south Salem now has standing water on much of its 46 acres. The invasive cockleburrs still cover much of the area, their arrogant heads above water and each carrying a load of fearsome seeds–each a velcro-like football the size of an almond shell and capable of both pain and effective clinging. The Mallards and geese in the water will NOT eat those seeds.

With the onset of rainy season it is nice to see the local swim team in the Fairview water–Mallards, really big & local Canada Geese.

A bit of humor–a White-crowned Sparrow, not ordinarily a denizen of marshland, perched in small willow surrounded by water.

The last image shows a stick dam–beaver or people? I will try to find out.


  1. […] Last time I was there so were the Canada Geese, today they were busily passing overhead. None landed… […]

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