Posted by: atowhee | October 13, 2020


Here is note from a newly engaged birder who’s back in North Carolina:
“A sandpiper was the bird I saw at beginning of the pandemic and made me want a better camera. I’ve been looking out for them since, but only spotted this yesterday.”

My answer: Spotted Sandpiper…doesn’t form flocks like most shorebirds, eschews beaches for riverbanks, secluded ponds and gravel bars near fresh water.
Tilts its tail up and down, only has spots when breeding, strange flight, when it the air it never raises its wings above its back, unique among US birds, I think.


It is not just here in Trumptopia that wildlife is being treated as an impediment to fun and profit. This report from Merrie Olde shows that Boris is no different than our regime.

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