Posted by: atowhee | October 9, 2020


When our loud and pushy species is itself pushed out of the frame, there is much to enjoy in nature right here, right now. Here in the Willamette Valley we are having our final few sunny afternoons of mild air, no smoke, no wind, no worries. Today, once again, it was clear that one of the most cheering, exciting, aesthetic and athletic events one can watch–waxwings in the fruit. They are not true fructitarians, but they are radical fructophiles. Today in our garden it was time to harvest the ripe little crabapples, which they did.

In such a density of foliage even this bright birds can be hard to spot. Their flights in and out of the tree were the signal to pay attention.

The young waxers are those with streaky chests. These birds are fine fly-catchers when the time is ripe, but when the fruit is ripe, you know where to find them.

Who’s training, who’s being trained?


The female garden spiders are on large, intricate webs, heavy with eggs. In wet places you can now see the final dragonflies of the year. Cottonwoods are dropping their large yellow leaves, while walnut are pounding the earth with their falling nuts. Violets and mushrooms are rising from the earth because the days are short and rain has begun. Garden delights.

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