Posted by: atowhee | September 29, 2020


Here’s note from Marty Karlin, a Jackson county birder and photographer< on his recent visit to the northwest corner of Klamath Lake:
“A special spot, even richer than Butterfly Creek is at the Rocky Point Day Use Area 50’ north of the boat ramp along the shore where a couple trees overhang the lake. 35 species, bathing and flying by within an hour or two. Be patient. Wait for the birds to arrive. This collection of 3 of the eight different warblers for example: The list is posted on eBird for 9/25. I have a few new galleries on my website including Rocky Point, Great Gray Owls, and a trip to the coast posted.”

Check this out, Marty’s shot of three migrant warblers in a single frame:

And not one of them is a yellow-rump!!!!

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