Posted by: atowhee | September 20, 2020


I am guessing the bad air was keeping migrants in our Salem neighborhood. No smoke, no migrants now. id see a wandering flock of waxwings today. They landed briefly in the top of our sixty foot high Doug fir then sped off to the east.

Crows, however, are daily and omnipresent…and soundful. At one point today dozens were in the tall Doug firs on a hill just south of Clark Creek Park. They were loud and fussy. Later I saw a red-tail nearby…he may have been the cause. Also, it was late afternoon and those tall trees are the local crow roost, I believe.

The crows are not the only birds who enjoy our neighbors’ chimney. Here are their cousins chatting about smoke and whence it comes:

The Fox Sparrow left with the smoke. The Mourning Dove is an unusual visitor a ng our trees and shrubs, not his ordinary favorite habitat.


  1. Looks like the birds that were coming to my yard. I have to decide about feeding them again during the winter. The squirrels were just such a nuisance…

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