Posted by: atowhee | August 25, 2020


We know that wind turbines can slice and dice birds, bats and flying insects.  What we now know is that some modicum of concern by turbine owners can lower the carnage.

In Norway years of research shows that painting the turbine wings black can help alert animals to their presence and danger.

It is not surprising that this work was done in Norway, one of the few nations on earth that is not totally subservient to private profit.  I hope no American reading this has a shock-caused heart attack but Norway actually owns much of its highly profitable oil company.  No Gulf or Exxon or Aramco or Russian oligarchs.  It is the singular country on earth that uses much of that oil-based wealth for decent purposes–not for corruption in Nigeria or Venezuela or Kuwait.  Not for yachts or limos or estates or London townhouses.  Not for guns and planes and bombs and drones. Not for propaganda pretending climate change is a hoax.  No, Norway spends its oil wealth on helping its own residents, better schools and roads and national healthcare and preparing the nation to become energy self-sustaining when the oil runs out or becomes more obviously too harmful to the planet for further exploitation.  So they actually spend time and money trying to make wind power as earth-friendly as possible.  What would it take to get America’s private wind power firms to paint their turbines black?  Ain’t gonna happen with most or our state governments or with the current federal regime.

Meanwhile there is plenty of “info” out there claiming that wind is not as bad as your neighbor’s outdoor house cat.  And we all know the constitutionals rights of cats to roam free, right?  Can you even imagine an educational effort to house cats?  Let alone any regulation, god forbid, open carry for guns, open carouse for all freedom-loving cats!

In spite of Trump complaining about wind energy–along with shower heads and assorted enemies of the people–here is explanation of how big wind energy is getting and could become.

Covid-wise Norway’s doing pretty good, as well.  Norway has had fewer than 11-thousand cases and fewer than 270 deaths, with a national population of 5.4 million.  Minnesota is our state closest in size with 5.6 million, some percentage of which are actually Norwegian-American whose family names end in “-sen”.  Not one of the worst hit covid states in the US by far…yet Minnesota has recorded over 1800 deaths and over 63-thousand cases.  That’s about six times worse that Norway on both counts.  Our status as a nation has probably not been this pathetic since Prohibition which was another egregious social experiment, before Agent Orange launched us on a heedless campaign for “herd immunity”.  In the pointless drug war (lock ’em up) and then our home-grown opioid addiction campaign we were largely alone, but now the U.S. can be directly compared to all other nations because covid is a true pandemic and the world is taking note.  The bottom line: don’t be like Americans.

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