Posted by: atowhee | August 23, 2020


I have made an effort over decades to make myself see our species as a part of nature, but our kind has resisted that admission.  We rule or own or use or exploit or mine or drill or pave or profit.  One time our species was just another gregarious omnivore with pretty good eyesight, group cohesion and cleverness.  Then we built ever stronger cultures and technologies and now the planet is essentially our own unnatural product.

Yet we are not more powerful than the atoms, microbes, physical events and formulae of the natural world.  We can destroy it, yes, but not utterly control it.

Wind storms in Iowa, hurricanes headed for the Gulf Coast, California ablaze again, covid killing (as we approach six million identified cases and 180,000 admitted dead which is likely a big way from the higher, actual death count).    Here is a piece tracing all the elements that have contributed to the US being covid central.  We are now an object lesson to any other country that believes in science.

So it was bracing and a little scary to read a strong piece telling us to shape up or get shipped out, forever.  Ultimately if we think only about the next shopping trip and not the grandkids, we are doomed.

As the U.S. is in political, economic and cultural decline–permanent?  briefly?–we must know that China has very nationalistic, exploitative goals they are pursing globally.

Not all is lost, yet.  How about cuddling a wombat?


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