Posted by: atowhee | July 26, 2020


IMG_1662Above: young robins in nest near Amity, Oregon, last week.  Likely a second clutch for the season.  Below: young Great Horned ones looking like gawky teenagers wearing parents’ outfit, Sutro Heights Park, San Francisco.

Below; two leucistic robins.  First is Patches who’s at least 3 years old, next comes one of the off-spring from this year.  These birds are in Wisconsin.

Then this gallery from a natural spring-fed pool near Howard Prairie Lake east of Ashland where mountain birds gather for bathing, a drink and community communication.  It’s at about 4500 feet elevation in Cascades:

Can nyou name ’em all?  Nashville Warbler and Yellow-trumped, young and adult tanager, young Black-headed Grosbeak, wet junco, Chipping Sparrow, young Cassin’s Finchw ith the deeply notched tail, my-my the Lazuli.

Photos, top to bottom, by: young robins by Philippe Pessereau.  Young owls by Tom Kuhn.  Patchy robins by Roger Rigterink.  Cascades gallery by Kirk Gooding.

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