Posted by: atowhee | July 26, 2020


ADDENDUM:  Just heard from a friend whose son is in early middle age, married, two kids.  He and his wife once worked for MOMA in Manhattan, pretty nice gig.  They moved to Oslo for new jobs.  Their kids will not need masks as they go back to school later this summer.  Norway has pretty much defeated  covid for now, Americans not welcomed to visit. The nation has lost 255 people to covid in a population over 5 million.  Oregon is one of the least lethal states so far and we have more dead than Norway with a million fewer people.

Did I mention Norway’s national health care?  Roads without potholes?  Serious social services sector?  No open carry?  No Confederate statues?  I will admit they have never truly apologized for all those Viking raids some time ago…

oHere’s a heartfelt essay by young first-generation American citizen who sees clearly there are better places to live.

She is Asian-American, a targeted group right now in America, getting hate and venom from the believers in the “Wuhan flu” canard promulgated by Agent Orange and his ilk.  That’s just one more reason she might decide to escape.

Twenty years ago as my two sons settled into life in England I thought our family was an anomaly.   Now I realize it a time of crucial curves we were ahead of the US emigre curve.  My wife and I were in London for four years and might have stayed permanently, or moved to Paris.  Did we stupidly return?  That question haunts us yet.

Our sons are not likely to ever return here to live.  Why would they?

One friend of mine is married to a Swedish woman and they live there.  He wants to travel across Canada, so he will have to use his Swedish passport as Americans are confined to the highways and not allowed into towns…we are infectious.

I know an American woman who took a clerical job in Norway so she could move there and take her aged, sickly mother and get free health care.  That’s how Norway spends all its oil profits–to make life better for people there, not to fund large golf clubs and yachts and multiple mansions for the .1%.

I read of young Americans who flee overseas to avoid ten of thousands of dollars in student loans.  A son of one college friend has settled with wife and children in Belgium.  One of my nieces is a college professor in Netherlands.  A man I worked with in the news biz and his partner are ex-pats who live in southern France and Switzerland depending on the season.  Another former work-mate retired and moved to South Korea with his wife to be near her family.   Healthcare comes with the deal.  Remember int he early phases of covid pandemic when South Korea looked so hard hit?  They worked on containment, not political propaganda.

Souht Korea reports just under 300 deaths…total…for a very urbanized nation with a population well over fifty million, greater than an state in the U.S.  Yet the South Korean covid casualty total puts them between Oregon and Nebraska for total covid deaths.  Both those states are much more rural, with much smaller populations.

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