Posted by: atowhee | July 13, 2020


Here’s the latest from our Twin Cities bird correspondent.  The nestful of young accipiters is fledging age.  Here’s the latest update from March Riegel: “The Cooper’s hawk chicks are almost fledged, just a couple of weeks after they were little puff-balls.  I think there are three chicks, but it’s hard to get a count, since they’re so big they keep pushing each other around in the nest.  These kids are gonna hafta fly soon, cuz there ain’t no room for them in the inn!
“So fun to have a great telephoto lens, even on a 300 buck Canon Power-shot camera.”
In at least one of the images you can count five legs, indicating three nestlings.  In another you can see three hawklets jammed onto the obsolete nest.

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