Posted by: atowhee | July 5, 2020


The Coopers–mom, dad and the four kids. Visible are the off-spring.  Mom and dad having to commute several times daily to hunting spots.  No small bird with even the tiniest brain would be found anywhere near this nest and its pleading occupants. The parents don’t have to save for college but they have to cater lots of meals for hungry teens.  This will mean hard times for local sparrows, finches and mice.  My college classmate, Marc Reigel, a life-long Minnesotan sent these images from a secret viewing spot in the Twin Cities.

Ever reflect on how many young birds are white or pale yellow when in the nest?  Canada Geese, White Storks (duh), many ducklings, chickens, many owls, Peregrines, Prairie Falcons, these guys…
Speaking of Peregrine, here’s a National Park Service image from Pinnacles, in California: CT-9-PRFA-nestlings-1E

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