Posted by: atowhee | July 5, 2020


My wife and I made a late afternoon visit to the the meadows and woods along Old Hyatt Meadow Road. A highlight in the warm months is always a stop at the dam for Little Hyatt Reservoir where often one or more dippers can be seen.  Here’s the swimmer we saw out in swift-flowing Keene Creek, below the dam:


On the Fourth there were several families around the gem-like setting of Little Hyatt, but the beauty, serenity, overseeing majesty of Cascade shoulders, the lush green, the silent conifers rising above–a setting for somebody’s next greeting card or movie about the Pacific XCrest Trail that passes just below the reservoir dam.

The shrub coloring the roadside above the lake is none other than our native Rosa canina, dog rose to you and me.  Many of the blooming plants right now in the Cascades are invasive weeds as most o four native plants have evolved to bloom earlier before the dry season begins.  The calypso orchid, most buckwheats, the Oregon grape are long done with the flowering part of their annual cycle.

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