Posted by: atowhee | June 27, 2020


I sit and watch.  They circle and swerve and veer off in some random arc.  They disappear from my limited view of a slice of the sky. One may come low over the fence behind me then sharply angle away over the neighbor’s trees.  One rare moment and a swift drops out of nowhere to go into our chimney.  I miss that nano-shot.  So I begin shooting the top of the chimney,  Within less than half a moment out comes the bird, having fed the young inside.  There is never more than a single frame, even though my camera is shooting constantly.  By the time the adult swift hits the opening it is already at high speed.  Swiftly they move:

We can hear the swiftlets while in the room where the fireplace opens.  There may be as many as six in the nest, a normal number for this species.


Chipping Sparrow with his crest erect.  Wood-Pewee overlooking his park:

pewee (2)

rbs-w4 (2)


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