Posted by: atowhee | June 26, 2020


At least in Oregon we have outlawed the practice, but one unit of the US Department of Agriculture regularly plants cyanide bombs, aiming to kill wildlife that farmers don’t like.

Sorry, you don’t get any of your tax money back so we all get to be cyanide enablers.

Last fall the current regime in Washington re-authorized use of the M-44s.  One new rule says the bombers are supposed to at least warn any humans who live nearby, if you are a hiker from somewhere else…careful where you step. Fighting the continued use of these killers is the Center for Biological Diversity.

Brooks Fahy, executive director of Predator Defense, says: “In my 25 years working with M-44 victims I’ve learned that Wildlife Services’ agents frequently do not follow the use restrictions. And warning signs will not prevent more dogs, wild animals and potentially children from being killed. They cannot read them. M-44s are a safety menace and must be banned.”

For a much broader approach to f—ing over the planet, try reading about the guy the current regime wants to head BLM which owns lots of public land, millions and millions of acres…he wants to sell it off.


  1. Pathetic!
    FYI- I am a like-minded blogger on N. Valley Rd,, 5 miles outside of newer. I blog at & Are you in Yamhill?

    • Yes, I live in McMInnville

    • Yes, I reply in McMinnville

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