Posted by: atowhee | June 25, 2020


It is war in Siberia right now, too warm.  In some places even the peat bogs have burned–imagine the ground itself on fire.

Here’s a summary on the situation from National Geographic.

Here in the arid American West, springs are shorter, weather switching from winter to dry summer much faster.  That means less browse for mule deer in some places.

Yet the covid pandemic may show us what our species can and should do to meet environmental, political, cultural challenges.  This one analysis says we can organize to act heroically without necessarily waiting for a hero.
That is an encouraging thought, that people may unite to do what the situation requires rather than wait for some unpromised savior to lead the way.  Looking around the globe you can see the current crop of governmental leaders are mostly pathetic, self-serving and, ultimately, dangerous to the planet and life itself.

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