Posted by: atowhee | June 25, 2020


On the Malheur Field Station birding trip in mid-June we found several breeding species of tyrant flycatchers.  Here are Albert Ryckman’s images of those who posed nicely, Eastern Kingbird along Blitzen River, Dusky Flycatcher at Fish Lake in the Streens:

Other species we found were Western Kingbird, Say’s Phoebe nesting on Pelican dorm at Filed Station, Pewee, Willow and Gray Flycatcher (in the Steens).
Sagebrush denizen, hunter extraordinaire:LOGERHEAD SHRIKE

Rest between hunts:POORWILL

Still fed by mom and dad, at Refuge Headquarters:GREAT HORNEWD OWL (JUVENILE)

Every year there is a pair of American Kestrels nesting at the Field Statiom.  This year they used a hole conveniently placed by flickers i n the north end of the shop building.  Their picnic table was a dead Russian olive about fifteen yards away at the east end of Owl dorm.

The Ferruginous Hawk nest east Hwy 205 at MP 17 was in use again, atop a stunted, lone juniper surrounded by pasture and cattle.  Brewer’s Blackbirds can often be seen attacking any larger bird they dislike, such as an adult Ferrugy:FERUGENOUS HAWK

Here’s the last Field Station birding trip for 2020:   Sept. 12(Sat)-Sept. 18(Fri)
This trip will allow us to spend a full day in the Steens where we will go to the peak at just under 10,000 feet elevation.  In the late summer we may get access to areas closed during breeding season.  There may be migrating raptors passing through the valley and mountains.  While many insectivorous birds will be gone there will also be songbirds on migration including huge numbers of White-crowned Sparrows and their cousins from several species.

Mammals possible on trips include: Belding’s ground squirrel, pronghorn, wild horses, mink, river otter, long-tailed weasel, badger, coyote, mule deer, yellow-bellied marmot, kit fox, Nuttall’s cottontail, black-tailed jackrabbit, bats, California ground squirrel. 

Arrive for dinner on the 12th, depart after breakfast on the 18th. To get more information or sign up for these trips, call the Malheur Field Station at (541) 493-2629.

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