Posted by: atowhee | June 25, 2020


While Albert Ryckman and I were on the Malheur Field Station bird trip earlier this month, one spell-binding experience was watching the four frolicking young Prairie Falcons do stunts around the cliff face where they were once eggs, then awkward nestlings, and then–right before our eyes–fully-fledged, feathered fantastics:PRARIE FALCONPRARIE FALCON_-3PRARIE FALCON_-4Here are my photos of the cliff where it all began for this falcon family:

The cliff is west of Hwy 205, third cliff face as you head west on Harney Lake Road.  The dark slot on cliff left of center is where the nest was.  Often the young and adults would perch on the fence visible along the right shoulder of the cliff as seen from the cliff-a

Here’s the last Field Station birding trip for 2020:   Sept. 12(Sat)-Sept. 18(Fri)
This trip will allow us to spend a full day in the Steens where we will go to the peak at just under 10,000 feet elevation.  In the late summer we may get access to areas closed during breeding season.  There may be migrating raptors passing through the valley and mountains.  While many insectivorous birds will be gone there will also be songbirds on migration including huge numbers of White-crowned Sparrows and their cousins from several species.

Mammals possible on trips include: Belding’s ground squirrel, pronghorn, wild horses, mink, river otter, long-tailed weasel, badger, coyote, mule deer, yellow-bellied marmot, kit fox, Nuttall’s cottontail, black-tailed jackrabbit, bats, California ground squirrel. 

Arrive for dinner on the 12th, depart after breakfast on the 18th. To get more information or sign up for these trips, call the Malheur Field Station at (541) 493-2629.

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