Posted by: atowhee | June 20, 2020


Birds just wouldn’t leave us alone as we made our way from the Willamette Valley to Harney County.  Here is a selection of some that we met, none rare but special nonetheless.  Of all the “common” birds we saw my favorite has to be the nano-nuthatch, Pygmy.  They were the only resident nuthatch in San Francisco where I once lived.  In western Oregon where I now live they are not often around. They rule in Sawyer Park along the Deschutes in Bend:

Some others we met along the way.  Bald Eagle at Lost Lake. Brewer’s Sparrow on sage at Chickahominy.  Cassin’s Finch and goose family at Sawyer Park, Bend–note the geese seem to have two different gosling duos.  Pelicans in Marshall Pond an Malheur Refuge HQ.


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