Posted by: atowhee | June 12, 2020


Never did I dream I’d find a new, a rare, a totally unexpected species, here in Oregon, just a few  blocks from my home.  It is a bird widely distributed and, naturally, I’ve seen in many southerly locations.  In the past I have seen it in sunny habitat.  It truly sticks to mostly man-made habitats.  But a mated pair across the street from my own house?FLAMING (2)There we have it–a pair of plastic flamingo.  How have they wandered this far from Miami or Phoenix, their normal range?
Feathered flamingo?  Once got to see dozens in the salt flats of Cote Donana in southern Spain.  But there they’re expected.
Here’s another couple in my neighborhood:2J (2)

Scrubbers looking over their domain.  Only swifts truly escape their surveillance:VS PASS (2)


Two shots of adult with begging fledgling–the latter pumping its tail up and down plus occasional wing flutters. Bright male on feeder. House Finch with House Sparrow female.


There was a male Wilson’s Warbler buzzing about in the forest thicket.  He made it a challenge to get a picture…I barely succeeded:

In the woods alone Cozine Creek I often walk past this living stump, on the right.  It is probably connected to the mature Doug-fir on its left.  We now know that often trees have interconnected root systems, whether they share DNA or are related individuals in a broad network.  This stump was cut off but continued to get starches and other nutrients from nearby, connected trees and it maintained its own root system which is part of the forest’s underground network.  The stump is healthy, not rotting.  The old wound is now completely covered with thick, healthy bark.LIVE STUMP (2)


  1. I’ve had this species in my yard for many years. Every year there’s a big pink, plastic egg, but no successful hatching yet

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