Posted by: atowhee | May 28, 2020

Eagle, osprey, dipper and spring battles.

Both an adult Bald Eagle and Osprey were over Hagg Lake.  Be aware, some of the paved access roads and parking lots were full there.  Hundreds of people crowded into areas where  Hagg Lake’s shore is easily accessible.  Some of the trails through the woods to a shoreline spot were not heavily used, with only a single car in some trailhead pull-outs.  We left about 130PM and there was a back-up of vehicles at the entrance toll station.

At Wennerberg finches and grosbeaks were singing.  Then I stood and watched as two male grosbeaks attacked one another in the air, clutching one another’s feet they tumbled from the sky and fell onto the grass.  After they parted each began to sing again though they rose up and flew in opposite directions.

The singing finches were Purple and Lesser Gold.

Along the North Yamhill River (creek) there must have been a hardy set of thermals.  Four vultures, a red-tail and a raven were all circling, floating easily above the trees of Wennerberg.

Later along Westside Road I watched a crow harassing a kestrel.  With each attacking dive from the crow, there was a squeal of anger.  I think those came from the victim as it sounded like a falcon’s cry, not a crow’s.

Out Baker Creek Road there was a dipper fishing near the bridge where a pair nested earlier this spring.

Recently I watched a pair of swifts circling our neighborhood.  As they came out of an arc in the air, they would simultaneously lift their wings into a 60-degree angle and coast for half a second.  It made a recognizable V-shape.  In this Covid Age the V has become a politically radioactive shape.  The right-wing and pro-profit brigades want there to be a sharp V-curve in the economy, back to shopping everyone, get out and buy that new car you lust after.  Everybody back to work, mask or not. We need everything to appear fine so Trump can claim another brilliant victory and be re-elected for his unparalleled ability to manage both pandemic and economy. There are also those less profligate with optimism in the face of 41-million out of work, bankruptcies and tax-starved state and local governments.  I have heard some of those folks predict W-shaped or U-shaped or even check-mark shaped economic recoveries.   Meanwhile the swifts use that V-shape for their own ends having little to do with virus, politics or tweets of the hominid kind.  If there is reincarnation, may I be a raven next time, please?

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