Posted by: atowhee | May 23, 2020


In semi-lockdown yet I’m eating way more than my share of chocolate.  You too?
Other primates go for fruit.  American orioles and their kin like fruit, even jelly.
Horses love a good apple, some eating other sweetish fruits as well.
Our dog loves sweet pill pockets so she gulps down any medicine.  We had a dog once who ate a whole plate of Kate’s best brownies.  We waited for the warned illness.  Dog just smiled and said, “Lemme know when there’s another helping.”

In years of birding and bird feeding I have never seen an American Robin at a feeder.  Boy, was I missing something.  Here is photo from college friend who lives in Wisconsin.  He feeds birds, small cups of grape jelly for the local orioles (Baltimore and Orchard).  In his garden a robin brings in the worms and caterpillars, dips them in jelly, thus getting dessert with the main course.  Feast you eyes on this:DSCN3150Roger Rigterink took his photo, suggesting we could re-name the bird “dipper”.

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