Posted by: atowhee | May 14, 2020


Walt Sonner sent out some pics of ducks on a pond near his home in Jackson County.  Here are two photos of the female.  The male was more elusive.

They are Mandarin Ducks.  They are close cousins of our native Wood Ducks and are originally from Asia.  They’ve done well as an introduced species in Europe.  One estimate is that 7000 are living wild and breeding in Europe, especially in London city parks.  There is also a population around Berlin.

Like Wood Ducks, and about the same seize, Mandarins nest in boxes or natural cavities in trees.

Walt says these birds are quite wild and are hanging out with the local Wood Ducks.  They share a preference for protected, standing fresh water with plenty of over-hanging trees for security and cover.


  1. Thanks for your Mandarin article. In the mid ’90s, near Buckskin Mary Landing in Benton Co OR, I shot a Mandarin drake out a little flock of woodies. Everyone poo-poohed it as an escaped exotic. Maybe, it was certainly at least feral.

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