Posted by: atowhee | April 18, 2020


Whether it be a pandemic or climate change or measles vaccine, there seem to be those who have faith that science is wrong again.  I am old enough to remember when seat belts and fluoridated water were also widely derided.   So I am fully expecting a chorus of derision about a new study that shows how bad the drought is in the southwestern party of North America…and that includes us here in Oregon.

In the Willamette Valley some towns are dependent on ground water.  Most agriculture is not currently equipped with adequate irrigation to withstand arid conditions west of the Cascades.  Many trees have been planted in areas where they will not thrive,  e.g. Douglas-firs south of Lane County along the I-5 corridor.

Click here for summary of the article by its original publisher.

Here’s one news site’s summary of the report’s findings.

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