Posted by: atowhee | April 13, 2020


There’s a report in the Los Angeles Times saying the bears, coyote and bobcats roam freely now in Yosemite Park.  There are just a couple hundred government and vendor staff members still inside.  Otherwise, it is closed.  I don’t include a link because you need a subscription to see that piece.  Here’s link to a video story from KPIX on the quiet now inside Yosemite.


When the covid pandemic was getting its first global attention there were some comments  based on probably nothing that the covid virus had jumped from some wild animal to humans and thus was traced back to markets in Wuhan that sold wild animals for food.  In reaction or over-reaction the Chinese state banned those markets.  Whether is just a band-aid or an enforced ban, remains to be seen.

My two cents worth–I hate the idea of wild animals caged and tortured and publicly slaughtered for food when it is not necessary, just a cultural proclivity.  Goes with killing animals for their horns or tusks or hide or fur, to satisfy some profitable sales opportunity or other.  Yet a ban for what may simply be political cover is also pathetic.  There is no clear evidence that eating pangolins or fruit bats caused this virus to move into an urban population.  The ban is good, the falsity of the reasons is in keeping with life in this age of propaganda.  Orwell described much of today’s media landscape decades before there was even an idea of the internet.

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